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K-pop veteran band BTOB hopes to gain global reach with mini album “Wind and Wish”

May 3, 2023 - 14:05 By Hong Yoo
BTOB at the press conference for its 12th mini album "Wind and Wish" held in Seoul on Tuesday (Cube Entertainment)

K-pop veteran boy group BTOB hopes its 12th mini album “Wind and Wish” can be a lucky charm to listeners.

“As always, our members Hyunsik and Minhyuk produced all the tracks in this album. The tracks are perfect to tune into at this time of the year. We want to spread love, hope and luck with this album,” said the group’s leader Eunkwang during a press conference on Tuesday in Seoul.

The mini album is BTOB's first since its third full-length album “Be Together” was released 14 months ago.

“Many people tell me that they get energy and comfort through my music. I hope that these tracks can also have a positive influence on the listeners. Just like the name of the album, I hope many wishes can come true,” Hyunsik said.

The album is comprised of five tracks, led by the titular track “Wind and Wish” and four side tracks “Heaven,” “Day & Night,” “Moon Ride” and “Your Love.”

The titular track is a dance ballad wishing for the happiness of loved ones.

At the press conference, Eunkwang and Sungjae sang the main part of the track and once again showed that BTOB can sing like no other.

“As time goes by, each member’s musical characteristics are becoming clearer, and that is well conveyed in the titular track,” said Sungjae.

“I think BTOB itself has become a genre. This is BTOB’s ballad, BTOB’s dance song, BTOB’s everything,” said Hyunsik.

BTOB did not forget to include New Jack Swing music in its album, a genre that BTOB is well known for and also one that all members of the group like the most.

“Our side track ‘Moon Ride’ is of the New Jack Swing genre, composed with a funky rhythm and retro synth. It’s a romantic song that portrays driving under the moonlight with a loved one. I tried to think about my members when making music. BTOB is my musical inspiration when composing,” said Minhyuk.

For Hyunsik, nature is his muse.

“I love to walk around and feel nature while listening to classical music. I think that’s why all the tracks in this album are bright and refreshing,” Hyunsik said.

The six-member group also included a fan song called “Day&Night” in the album for its fandom, Melody.

“We wanted to tell our fans that our love for them only continues to grow. If you look at the description of the track, it says ‘Special thanks to Melody.’ This is because we used the sound of their loud cheers in it,” said Hyunsik.

With this album, BTOB aims to expand its reach overseas.

“Between us, we’ve continuously said that we hope to make it to the global market as a representative K-pop dance ballad group. That is the goal we want to accomplish with this album, to make people abroad tune into our K-pop dance ballad tracks,” said Sungjae.

The group’s rapper Peniel was absent from the press conference due to a back injury.

The veteran K-pop group has been active since 2012.