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[Herald Review] 'K-pop Super Live' spotlights major K-pop artists

May 1, 2023 - 14:59 By Hong Yoo
Kep1er performs at 'K-pop Super Live' at Olympic Stadium in Seoul, Sunday. (KBS)

Some of the biggest K-pop artists gathered Sunday night at the Olympic Stadium in Seoul to perform at "K-pop Super Live," an event hosted by the Seoul Metropolitan Government.

Around 40,000 people flocked to the stadium to enjoy the event and show support for their favorite artists.

The stadium was glittering in red, yellow, pink and blue – the colors of fans’ light sticks.

With fireworks bursting into the sky, Kep1er kicked off the night with its popular single “Wa Da Da.”

Kep1er also performed its latest titular track “Giddy,” amping up the atmosphere with its energy and charm.

P1Harmony followed the lead with its charismatic performance of “Back Down” wearing shiny black uniforms.

Nature’s performance of “Limbo!” grabbed the audience’s attention instantly with its unique and addictive melody.

The concert featured not only idol groups, but also famous rappers such as Be’O.

Be’O filled up the big stage on his own with trendy raps, performing his hits “Limousine” and “Love me.”

Although the audience was made up on various idol groups’ fandoms, concertgoers were respectful of all artists, showing support for their performances.

People sang along to popular tracks that were perfectly suited for a breezy night in the city.

StayC performs at 'K-pop Super Live' at Olympic Stadium in Seoul, Sunday. (KBS)

Next up was StayC, who was welcomed onstage with cheers from the crowd.

The six-member girl group performed its latest hit “Teddy Bear” dressed in a preppy look.

“The heat here is amazing! Are you enjoying tonight’s show? It’s your support and cheers that gives us the energy,” StayC members said.

The Boyz perform at 'K-pop Super Live' at Olympic Stadium in Seoul, Sunday. (KBS)

Then The Boyz appeared onstage on a lift, wearing jet-black suits to begin its sensual performance of “Roar.”

The number of the band’s fans was overwhelming, and the cameras turned to show some fans crying from joy on the screens of the stadium.

“We missed you, The B (fandom name). How come so many of you are here? We are always so thrilled to perform for you guys,” The Boyz members said.

Juyeon of The Boyz was one of the emcees of the event, along with actress Shin Ye-eun.

The Boyz brought the curtains down to the first half of "K-pop Super Live" with “Thrill Ride.”

Rapper Lee Young-ji led the beginning of the second half of the night by singing her track “Day & Night.”

She graced the stadium with her deep and resonant voice as she continued with her song “Not Sorry.”

Then K-pop boy group iKON tore up the stage with its longtime popular track “Love Scenario.”

The seven-piece band continued its performance with the track “Rhythm Ta,” making the audience forget about the chilly weather.

Enhypen performs at 'K-pop Super Live' at Olympic Stadium in Seoul, Sunday. (KBS)

Boy band Enhypen appeared onstage in school uniform-inspired costumes to perform its track “Future Perfect.”

The seven-member band literally lit up the stage, as a flaming effect was used to amplify their powerful performance.

With their mellow and strong vocals, the group continued into the next track “Polaroid Love.”

Ive performs at 'K-pop Super Live' at Olympic Stadium in Seoul, Sunday. (KBS)

The rain started to pour by the time K-pop sensation Ive took the stage.

Despite the deteriorating weather conditions, concertgoers seemed to have gained more energy to cheer for their favorite artist.

Ive began its performance with “Kitsch,” and not even the rain could strip them of their charm.

The rookies with less than two years of experience were already pros, showing off perfectly calibrated dance moves despite the slippery stage.

Going into their next track “I am,” the members’ live vocals were stable despite the rain.

Another female K-pop group, Oh My Girl, took the stage with its track “Dolphin.” Just like its lyrics, the girls were splashed with water pouring down the sky.

Dressed in pink and white dresses, the girls also performed "Dun Dun Dance" and brought the event to its climax.

The group with the honor of gracing the finale of "K-pop Super Live" was Ateez.

Ateez wrapped up "K-pop Super Live" with “Halazia” and "The Real" under spectacular fireworks.