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6 soldiers caught smuggling drugs into army

April 27, 2023 - 13:12 By Park Jun-hee
(Getty Images)

Six soldiers stationed in a division in Yeoncheon, Gyeonggi Province, were caught smuggling illegal narcotics into the army, according to local media and the South Korean military.

The military said late Wednesday that the soldiers are currently under internal investigation for allegedly sneaking cannabis into the garrison through a parcel and smoking the banned substance inside the military base. One is facing a police investigation following his discharge from the military after the incident.

The soldiers reportedly smoked cannabis in the army’s enclosed shower booths during the early morning to avoid being caught. The investigation also found that two soldiers had continuously purchased drugs from last September until recently and even sold them to other soldiers in the army.

Some of the soldiers had tested positive after undergoing drug tests, according to the army. The military declined to comment further on how many tested positive.

A report was first filed to South Korea’s military on April 17 that several soldiers were smuggling and doing drugs in the army. Later, the banned substances, reported to be cannabis in a capsule-form, were found in the army residence’s ceiling and lockers.

The soldiers reportedly admitted to their wrongdoing during their investigations, saying that they had purchased cannabis through their friends.

On a separate note, the military said that they had asked the National Forensic Service for detailed drug tests and would thoroughly look into the case to see if more people were involved.

South Korea’s military said they were aware of how the soldiers had abused their military authority by smuggling drugs into the army, explaining that those caught would be strictly dealt with under the law.

The military added that it would beef up efforts to block the entry of any type of drugs and related substances into the army.