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Brave Girls get back in the ring after signing with Warner Music Korea

April 27, 2023 - 13:11 By Hong Yoo
Brave Girls (1st look)

Brave Girls are returning to the music scene under a new agency, after the quartet signed with Warner Music Korea.

All four members -- Minyoung, Yujeong, Yuna and Eunji -- joined Warner Music Korea, according to the label on Thursday.

“We came to a mutual conclusion that we would prioritize the activities as a full unit. We will not hesitate to support their career to the fullest,” Warner Music Korea said.

"We are aiming for a comeback this summer. We will be back with a fresh look and better music," said Minyoung.

However, they are likely to continue their career under a new name as their previous agency Brave Entertainment owns the trademark to the group’s name.

Brave Girls debuted in 2011 but the lineup kept changing as the group failed to get traction.

In 2016, the group was relaunched as a 7-member band, among which the current four members were included.

The group didn't hit the limelight in 2021, when its four-year-old single "Rollin'" soared back up the charts. By that time, it was a quartet quartet.

Their newfound stardom extended beyond “Rollin’” thanks to "Chi Mat Ba Ram,” the titular track of their 5th EP, “Summer Queen.”

Yet, as the quartet’s exclusive contract with Brave Entertainment came to an end in February, Brave Girls officially terminated its activities the same month.

Now back together under Warner Music Korea, these girls are set to open a new chapter in their career.

Collaborations the group has forged include Crush and Pink Sweat$ in 2019; Mamamoo's Hwasa and Dua Lipa; Changmo and Stormzy; Jessi, Sunmi and Ed Sheeran; Chungha and Christopher; and most recently Minnie of (G)I-dle and Anne-Marie.