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[팟캐스트] (505) BTS 슈가, 솔로 앨범 ‘D-DAY’로 日 오리콘 차트 점령 / ‘돈 봉투 의혹’ 송영길, 자진 탈당

April 27, 2023 - 07:00 By Park Jun-hee
(Big Hit Music)

진행자: 박준희, Beth Eunhee Hong

1. BTS' Suga dominates Japan's Oricon charts with solo album 'D-Day

기사 요약: BTS 슈가, 첫 공식 솔로 음반 "D-DAY"로 전 세계 음악 차트 석권하다

[1] BTS' Suga has taken over the Japanese music charts with his latest solo album "D-Day."

*Take over: 장악하다

[2] Dropped under his alias Agust D, "D-Day" and its tracks landed in the top tiers of Japan's Oricon charts.

*Drop: 떨어트리다, 발매하다

*Land: 안착하다

*Top tier: 일류

[3] The album soared to No. 1 of Oricon's daily album ranking after its release on Friday, with over 110,000 copies sold inside Japan on its first day.

*Soar: (가치·물가 등이) 급증하다; 솟구치다; (하늘 높이) 날아오르다

*Release: 발매

[4] The title song also topped iTunes' top song chart in over 90 countries around the world as of Saturday.

*Topped: 석권하다

[5] The official music video, posted on the Hybe Labels channel under Big Hit Music, reached the 10 million view milestone in less than a day.

*Reach: ~에 이르다[닿다/도달하다]

*Milestone: 중요한 단계; 이정표

*Reach the milestone: 대기록에 도달하다

기사 전문:

2. Former opposition leader to leave party over illicit fund allegation

기사 요약: '2021년 전당대회 돈 봉투 의혹'에 연루된 더불어민주당 송영길 전 대표, 정치적 책임 지고 탈당 의사 밝혀

[1] Song Young-gil, the former leader of the main opposition Democratic Party of Korea, said Saturday he is willing to take full political responsibility over recent allegations of illicit funds surrounding him, but denied any wrongdoing.

* be willing to: ~할 의향이 있다

* Take responsibility: 책임을 지다

* Allegation: 혐의

* Wrongdoing: 범법[부정] 행위

[2] “To take full political responsibility, I am leaving the Democratic Party of Korea that I have stayed in for 26 years and stepping down from the party's senior adviser position," Song said.

*Leave: 떠나다; 그만두다

*Step down: (직책 등에서) 물러나다; 사임하다

*Senior adviser: 고문

[3] "The prosecution has not yet summoned me, but I will return to Korea to squarely respond to the investigation and take responsibility to resolve the situation. I ask the prosecution to summon me immediately rather than bothering those who are related to me," Song said.

*Summon: 소환하다

*Squarely: 곧바로, 정확하게, 당당하게

*Resolve: (문제 등을) 해결하다

*Bothering: 신경 쓰이게 하다; 괴롭히다

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