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BTS’ Suga fills 1st solo album 'D-Day' with honest thoughts

April 21, 2023 - 15:12 By Hong Yoo
Suga of BTS (Big Hit Music)

BTS’ Suga finally dropped his first official solo album, “D-Day,” on Friday under his soloist name, Agust D.

The full-length album comes seven years after Suga began his solo career with his first self-titled mixtape, “Agust D,” in August 2016.

His second mixtape, “D-2” was unveiled in 2020, led by chart-topping single “Daechwita.”

“D-Day” comprises 10 tracks, including lead track “Haegeum” alongside the prerelease track “People Pt. 2 (feat. IU)," the titular “D-Day,” “HUH?!,” “Amygdala,” “SDL,” “Polar Night,” “Interlude: Dawn,” “Snooze” and “Life Goes On.”

“My first solo album ‘D-Day’ marks the concluding chapter of the ‘Agust D’ trilogy. It’s filled with my honest thoughts and melodies that I worked hard on. So I hope you all show a lot of love and support,” Suga said, unveiling the music video for “Haegeum.”

In his first official solo album, Suga put out the message that he will concentrate on himself and the present in this era where too much information floods by rapidly.

Suga took part in the album from its concept to composition and writing the lyrics of all its tracks.

His beliefs and excellent production skills along with collaboration with various musicians across diverse genres enhanced the level of perfection of the album, according to Big Hit Music.

In “Haegeum,” Suga again used the sounds of the titular traditional Korean musical instrument.

He had used the sound of the string instrument in “Daechwita” from the mixtape “D-2” as well.

“Haegeum" has a double meaning — the name of the instrument itself and also to release verboten things. Suga threw out the topic of “freedom” at people who live under various restrictions and limits in their daily lives and society. And in the track's corresponding music video, Suga plays two different roles at the same time.

The two characters -- “Being” and “Exister” -- fight in the music video that looks like a scene straight out of a noir movie.

“I recommend that you watch the music videos for 'Daechwita,' 'Haegeum' and 'Amygdala' in one sitting. You’ll be able to see a new side of me, especially in the ‘Haegeum’ music video,” Suga said.

Meanwhile, Suga is set to embark on his first solo world tour, with the first concert scheduled for Wednesday at Belmont Park in Long Island, New York.

Suga is the first among the seven of BTS to go on a solo world tour. It will likely be his last activity before he starts his mandatory military service.