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[팟캐스트] (503) 강남 ‘마약음료’ 사건 마지막 용의자 체포 / BTS 지민, K팝 솔로 최초로 빌보드 '핫 100' 1위

April 13, 2023 - 17:04 By Korea Herald

진행자: 간형우 / Beth Eunhee Hong

1. Police catch final suspect in drugged drinks case

기사 요약: 강남 학원가 '마약음료' 사건의 마지막 네번째 용의자 대구서 긴급체포

[1] The fourth and final suspect behind the narcotics scheme in Gangnam-gu, Seoul, was arrested Thursday in Daegu, according to Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency.

*suspect: 용의자, 의심하다

*narcotics: 마약

*arrest: 체포하다

[2] On Wednesday, a woman in her 40s was arrested for offering high school students drug-infused drinks, claiming that they would increase their ability to concentrate.

*infuse: 스며들다, 불어넣다, 우리다

*concentrate: 집중하다

[3] An accelerated police investigation was conducted and was later revealed that the suspect had approached various students on the street with three other accomplices.

*accomplice: 공범

[4] Officers say the suspects also blackmailed the parents of the students who consumed the drink.

*blackmail: 갈취하다, 공갈하여 돈을 빼앗다

기사 원문:

2. BTS' Jimin tops Billboard Hot 100 as first K-pop soloist

기사 요약: BTS 지민, K팝 솔로 최초로 빌보드 '핫 100' 1위

[1] BTS member Jimin landed atop the Billboard Hot 100 chart with his song "Like Crazy," becoming the first K-pop solo artist to top the singles chart in history.

*atop: 꼭대기에

*top: 맨 위, ~보다 높다, 1위를 하다

[2] Jimin, the latest BTS member to debut solo, placed his song "Like Crazy" on top of the Billboard Hot 100 Main Singles chart dated April 8. "Like Crazy" is the lead track of Jimin's first solo album "Face" which was released on March 24.

*place: ~에 두다

[3] Jimin also made history with his solo debut EP, "Face," which entered the Billboard 200 Main Albums chart at No. 2 this week, marking the highest rank reached by any K-pop solo artist.

*reach: ~에 이르다

[4] Through the album, the 27-year-old singer tells his own story as he embarks on a new journey as a solo musician.

*embark: 승선하다, ~에 착수하다

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