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Blackpink's Jisoo eyes for million-seller with solo debut

Jisoo to tune in live on YouTube at 12 p.m. Friday

March 31, 2023 - 11:32 By Choi Ji-won
The D-day poster for Blackpink member Jisoo's solo debut single "Me" (YG Entertainment)

Blackpink's Jisoo is expected to become a million-seller with her first solo single album "Me."

Jisoo officially debuts as a soloist musician on Friday with the album's release.

The package consists of two songs, the main track "Flower" and side track "All Eyes On Me."

According to Blackpink's label YG, the title "Me" has two meanings -- one refers to Jisoo herself, and the other refers to the Korean word for beauty. "Me" is an album that shows Jisoo's genuine colors and beauty, the label said.

Jisoo blooms as a soloist musician with the main track "Flower," which brings the emphasis on Jisoo's low, husky timbred voice. Her voice rings out deeply over an addictive and dreamy melody.

Just like the title, the B-side track "All Eyes On Me" draws attention to Jisoo's vocal prowess. Produced by YG's in-house producer Teddy Park, who has made songs for Blackpink since its debut, the song rolls out an upbeat tune characterized by real guitar and bass sounds peppered by choppy drum beats.

"Me" is set to be unveiled at 1 p.m. on Friday, along with the music video for "Flower." Ahead of the single's release, YG said that the music video has been produced with the biggest budget among all Blackpink music videos. The video, made fully with film cameras, is expected to show Jisoo's versatile and dynamic charms through its cinematic aesthetics, the label explained.

Meanwhile, Jisoo's debut single "Me" is set to become the first million-seller alum by a K-pop soloist. The album racked up 950,000 units in pre-order sales in just two weeks, with the number climbing to 1.3 million on Thursday, a day ahead of its official release.

Jisoo is the last member from Blackpink to come out solo, following Jennie, Rose and Lisa, who all broke numerous records on the global music charts and video platforms with their solo songs.

At 12 p.m. local time, Jisoo is set to tune in on Blackpink's YouTube channel to conduct a livestream countdown with fans.