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Jisoo of Blackpink finds new 'ME' while bringing up her 1st solo album

March 30, 2023 - 13:40 By Hong Yoo
Teaser poster for Jisoo's 1st solo album

Jisoo of Blackpink’s debut as a soloist with her first-ever solo album “ME” is just a day ahead.

The superstar plans to show a new version of herself never seen before through “Flower,” the album’s titular track, and also through the side track “All Eyes On Me.”

“I put a lot of thought into how I can show the soloist Jisoo instead of the Blackpink Jisoo. I continuously developed music that only I can do and that I am good at. During the process, I found a new ‘me.’ I completed this album which carries my story by giving personal ideas not only to music but also to concept establishment, styling and music video production,” said Jisoo in a press release on Thursday.

Jisoo is the fourth and final member of Blackpink to go solo after Jennie, Rose and Lisa.

According to YG Entertainment, Jisoo has put a lot of work into the album taking part in all the processes of bringing it up despite her busy world tour schedule with Blackpink.

“I chose ‘Flower’ as the titular track because it is the track that best describes me and the vocal, performance and visual effects are well-harmonized in this song. It felt like destiny when I first encountered the demo of the song in the studio. It is a dance song but at the same time lyrical with an addictive hook. ‘All Eyes On Me’ is also my favorite track which was one of the candidates for the titular track. I think people will like this song because it is both refreshing and attractive,” Jisoo said.

A day ahead of the grand unveiling, Jisoo gave a little spoiler about the music videos.

“It was all shot in the US, and shooting at Universal Studios was so memorable. We shot at an empty street that felt like being inside the 'Truman Show.' You will be able to find diverse versions of me,” Jisoo pointed out.

“Rose of Blackpink, who was in Los Angeles, came to see me when I was shooting the music video. I was a bit lonely from working alone, as I am used to working with my teammates, but when I saw Rose, I was so happy and instantly filled with energy.”

The album “ME” sold more than 1.3 million units in preorders alone, a new record set by a female solo musician in K-pop history.

“I’ve waited so long for this debut. I couldn’t be happier when I see my fans with my album that is filled with myself, Jisoo. Every time I drop teaser content, I looked up my fans’ response,” said Jisoo.

“I’ve prepared an event for my fans and also wrote a message to Blinks (Blackpink's fan base) in the album. I'm trying to get a chance to meet them aside from the world tour. Thank you Blinks for always supporting me. I hope to make good memories together through this album.”