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Billlie returns as school girls ready to enchant spring with 4th mini album

March 29, 2023 - 14:59 By Hong Yoo
Billlie strikes a pose while performing "Eunoia," from its fourth mini album, during a media showcase in Seoul on Tuesday. (Mystic Story)

K-pop girl group Billlie transformed into teenage school girls for their new fourth mini album, “The Billage of Perception: Chapter Three.”

Not only has their style brightened, but so have the tracks, as the group took the stage with lighter, more danceable tracks at a media showcase held in Seoul on Tuesday.

“Our previous songs like ‘Ring Ma Bell’ and ‘GingaMingaYo’ were quite abstruse. But in this new album, we tried a different music genre. We want to show through each new album that we have no limit when it comes to trying new genres and that we have grown as artists,” said Moon Sua, the lead vocalist of Billlie.

The septet’s fourth mini album comprises six tracks, led by “Eunoia” with “Enchanted Night,” “Lionheart,” “Various and Precious,” “Extra-Ordinary” and “Nevertheless.”

“Eunoia” is an alternative funk-pop tune with a 1990s old-school hip-hop vibe that has synth wave, disco and G-funk characteristics.

The single sings about the double-sidedness of people and the need to accept this fact to realize who they truly are.

“Our choreography is like a decalcomania as it is the same move just repeating from left to right. This was intended to represent double-sidedness. The point dance move is when we sing ‘flip-flop, flip-flop,'” said Tsuki, showing reporters highlighted dance moves for the lead track.

“With this album, we hope to do a lot of stages to show our well-made performance and win a performance award. We hope that 'Eunoia' stays as a song that reminds everyone of spring,” added Siyoon.

Billlie made its debut in November 2021 with a unique concept of telling the story of a girl named “Billie Love” who goes missing.

The band continued to tell the story in this new album to describe what happened by the time Billie Love went missing.

“There is a scene in the ‘Eunoia’ music video in which we grab hands and run together in a high school hallway. It reminded us of our days as students when we used to run to the cafeteria at lunchtime. This song is definitely filled with positive energy different from our previous songs,” explained Haram.

Meanwhile, Billlie was recently invited to perform at one of the biggest American music festivals, South by Southwest, which took place in Austin, Texas, earlier this month.

In May, Billlie will make its official Japan debut with a Japanese version of its single “GingaMingaYo.”