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Bobby's 1st solo single 'S.i.R' marks start of year-long series

Bobby to embark on solo Japan tour in April, iKON's world tour starting May

March 21, 2023 - 16:59 By Choi Ji-won
Image of Bobby's first solo single "S.i.R." (143 Entertainment)

Boy band iKON's member Bobby is setting off on a new chapter of his music career with his new single "S.i.R" on Tuesday.

As the first single he is releasing as a soloist musician, 'S.i.R" marks the rapper-producer's return after two years and three months since he last dropped his second full-length album "Lucky Man" in 2021.

A renowned member of the six-piece group, Bobby is putting out two new songs with the new single. He took part in writing these two songs.

The main song "Drowning" is a pop song that conveys the feeling of being engulfed by the charms of one's lover. The song features the up-and-coming R&B singer-songwriter Sole, whose dreamy, soulful timbre blends aesthetically with the rapper's raspy vocals.

The second song "Cherry Blossom" takes on a more sentimental tone. Upon the distinctive raw sounds of guitar, bass and drum, Bobby voices his heart, which had once shined so bright only to fall so fast, just like the fleeting nature of the flower.

Speaking with local news outlet News1, the 27-year-old artist said "S.i.R" marks the start of new projects he plans to roll out through the year.

"I'm planning to drop four new records in a series over the year," Bobby was quoted as saying in the News1 report released Sunday. "This album marks the first step of the series, and I put great effort into meticulously directing (the productions of) both the song and the music video," added Bobby.

He elaborated further about his year-long project in an exclusive interview with Edaily on Monday.

Stating that he plans to unveil new albums for every season, he added, "I have over 30 solo songs piled up already."

Image of Bobby's first solo single "S.i.R." (143 Entertainment)

Meanwhile, "S.i.R" is the first album to be released from any iKON member after their relocation to their new label 143 Entertainment. The six members signed exclusively with the fledgling company on Jan. 1 after their contracts with YG Entertainment came to an in December.

With the new label, Bobby is expanding his reach as a producer.

"As YG had been a big company, I only had to work on the songs and go on the stage. But here, I was involved in every little detail and made decisions from A to Z," Bobby said to Edaily, adding, "I was able to experience the many steps it takes for a song to finally see light and it's helped me to advance further (as a musician)."

iKON, consisting of members Bobby, Jay, Song, DK, Ju-ne and Chan, debuted under YG Entertainment in September 2015 with the group's mega-hit single "My Type."

Joining YG in 2011 as a trainee, Bobby began his career as iKON's main rapper in 2015. His flair for music producing was evident from the beginning. With the group's debut single as the start, Bobby took a major role in the composition and lyrics-penning of all the group's songs.

The rapper officially began his solo career in 2017 with his first full-length studio album "Love Fall" and went onto drop "Lucky Man" in 2021. In 2016, under the name Mobb, Bobby formed a hip-hop duo with YG label-mate Mino of Winner, and dropped album "The Mobb," which included his first-ever solo song "Holup!"

Bobby has a big year ahead of him. Along with the four-piece album project, the artist is set to kick off his first Japan tour in April. Under the title of his new single, "S.i.R," the singer will hold concerts in Yokohama, Fukuoka and Osaka between.

iKON is also gearing up on its global tour "Take Off" this year. In May, the group will open the series in Taiwan and continue the show around Asia, Europe and the US until September.

"It's our first time conducting a world tour in Europe," Bobby said to Edaily. "We've always felt sorry for our Europe fans and we want to return (their support) with a great show this time." The singer shared excitement at flying to Europe for the first time in his life.

A group comeback is also on the way. Not much has been revealed about the new album, which will mark iKON's return in over a year since the release of its fourth EP "Flashback." Just as with the group's past collections, the new album is set to be packed by songs made by the members themselves, Bobby hinted to Edaily.