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Samsung’s retail store renamed as ‘Samsung Store’

March 7, 2023 - 15:23 By Kim So-yeon
Samsung Electronics' rebranded retail shop Samsung Store is open in Seoul on Tuesday. (Samsung Electronics)

Samsung Electronics said Tuesday its retail store brand Samsung Digital Plaza will be renamed as Samsung Store from Wednesday – the first revamp since the brand was launched in 2000.

In addition to some 360 retail stores nationwide, all shops within department stores and large supermarket chains will also carry the new name, the company said.

Samsung said the rebranding aims to liven up its corporate image by focusing more on younger brand names such as Galaxy, Bespoke, SmartThings and Lifestyle TV.

Not just the name, but also the space and atmosphere are expected to change under the new scheme, as the store turns into a cultural complex that plays the role of a community hub offering diverse customer experiences.

Samsung Cultural Lab will be installed to offer user tips for Samsung’s latest home appliances and mobile devices and to offer diverse classes for cooking, home-styling and shot-filming.

Some Samsung Stores will also offer science and coding classes for preschool and elementary students at its Samsung Store Coding School.

In addition, the rebranded Samsung Store buildings will embrace more sustainable features in phases, like more power-efficient lighting and water management systems, as well as eco-friendly architecture technologies.

“For the first time in 23 years, the rebranded Samsung Store will transform into a local landmark that gives youthful and unique enjoyment to the community,” said Samsung’s Senior Vice President Kang Bong-koo.