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[팟캐스트] (495) 언어학자가 말하는 인공지능 챗봇 ChatGPT의 한계는? / 부산, 커피의 메카로 새롭게 떠오르다

Feb. 16, 2023 - 09:36 By Jo He-rim
Korean Linguistics Professor Jieun Kiaer at the University of Oxford

진행자: 조혜림, Naomi Garyan

1. ChatGPT shows limitations in East Asian languages, but not for long: linguist

기사요약: 세상을 바꿀 기술로 전세계의 이목을 사로잡은 오픈AI의 인공지능 챗봇 ChatGPT의 한계에 대해서 옥스포드대학교 한국어 언어학 Jieun Kiaer 교수의 인터뷰.

[1] ChatGPT, the artificial intelligence chatbot taking the English-speaking world by storm, is being called by many as a mind-blowing “game changer.”

For now, East Asian countries, which use their own search engines and platforms different from the rest of the world, are spared by the immediate impact, although it won’t be long before AI is trained to get information from them as well, according to Jieun Kiaer, a professor of Korean linguistics at the University of Oxford.

*take the world by the storm: 세상을 사로잡다

*mind-blowing: 너무 신나는, 감동적인, 놀라운

*game changer: 게임 체인저 (상황 전개를 완전히 바꿔놓는 사람이나 아이디어, 사건)

[2] Since Asian languages in particular have very complex pragmatics based on interpersonal relations and societal hierarchies, AI translators have trouble using those languages, giving human interpreters of these languages some time before the bots catch up, the linguist said.

*pragmatics: 화용론 (말하는 이, 듣는 이, 시간, 장소 따위로 구성되는 맥락과 관련하여 문장의 의미를 체계적으로 분석하려는 의미론의 한 분야)

*interpersonal: 대인관계에 관련된

*hierarchy: 계급, 계층, 지배층

[3] The professor explained that chatbots like ChatGPT lack linguistic diversity, pragmatic versatility and it takes huge quantities of money, time and energy to train AI bots to process language as the human brain can.

*versatility: 다양성, 다재다능한


2. [Weekender] ‘Come grab coffee by the sea in Busan’

기사 요약: 국제 무대에서 수상한 바리스타들이 부산에 정착하며 새로운 커피 열풍을 불러일으킨다.

[1] BUSAN -- South Korea’s southeastern port city of Busan is a popular holiday destination for those seeking to enjoy quality seafood and relax at the beach. But in recent years, tourists have been flocking to the city to get a taste of something different -- coffee.

*quality: 고급의, 양질의

*flock: 떼 지어 가다, 모이다

[2] Though Seomyeon was Busan’s key shopping district for decades, young people had begun losing interest in the area because of its outdated shops. However, with new cafes opening up in back alleys and the Busan Metropolitan Government’s decision to designate the area a “cafe street,” the district gained a breath of fresh air.

*outdated: 구식인 (out of date)

*alley: 골목

[3] In Melbourne, drinking coffee at a specialty coffee shop is a daily routine for many locals, regardless of their income, he said. However, in Korea people are likely to settle for lower quality, low priced coffee on a daily basis rather than splurge on specialty coffee.

*settle for: ~으로 만족하다

*daily basis: 일일 단위로

*splurge: 돈을 물 쓰듯 쓰다


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