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[팟캐스트] (493) 실내마스크 의무 해제에도 조심스러운 한국/ 아버지가 집에서 마약하는 아들 신고

Feb. 2, 2023 - 10:06 By Korea Herald

Masked citizens walk in the passageway of Gwanghwamun Station on the Seoul Subway Line No.5, Tuesday. (Yonhap)


진행자: 홍유, Beth Eunhee Hong

1.Koreans remain cautious over eased masking rule
기사 요약: 실내마스크 의무 해제에도 조심스러운 한국
[1] On the first day of eased indoor masking, a 20-something worker surnamed Shin at a startup company in Seoul started her work day with her mask on as usual -- and she was not the only one.
*ease: 덜해지다; 편해지다
*indoor: 실내
[2] "Eight out of 10 people in our office were wearing masks when I walked into the office. I am also one of those who intend to keep masking,” Shin said. “(Masking) became a habit that makes me feel secure. I feel more comfortable with it."
*intend to: ~할 작정이다, ~하려고 생각하다
*secure: 안심하는, 확실한
[3] As of 12 a.m. Monday, South Korea's 27-month indoor mask mandate was lifted everywhere except for medical facilities, places designated as high risk, such as nursing homes, and public transportation.
*mandate: 권한
*designated: 지정된
[4] However, wearing masks seem to have become a part of many people’s lives, as the mandate has been in effect for the last two years.
*be in effect: 시행되다
2. Father reports son to police over drug use at home
기사 요약: 아버지가 집에서 마약하는 아들 신고
[1] A father in northeastern Seoul turned his 27-year-old son into the police as he created disturbance with scissors after using drugs at home, police said Monday.
*disturbance: 방해, 소란, 장애
[2] According to Nowon police station, five-needle syringes believed to have been used by the son were seized as investigators entered the house on Sunday evening.
*syringe: 주사기
*investigator: 수사관, 조사관
[3] Police said they would decide whether to seek an arrest after investigating how he bought the drugs and the types of drugs he had used.
*drug: 마약
[4] The case was revealed a day after data released on a threefold upsurge in drug-related offenses by young people in their teens and 20s in the past five years.
*threefold: 3배의
*upsurge: 급증
*offense: 행위, 범죄

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