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8TURN aims to become new sensation unlike any other

Jan. 31, 2023 - 12:48 By Hong Yoo
8TURN poses for photo at media showcase for its first mini album "8TURNRISE" held at Ilchi Art Hall in Seoul on Mon. (MNH Entertainment)

After four years of intense and strategic idol training, MNH Entertainment’s first K-pop boy group 8TURN made its debut Monday with its first mini album “8TURNRISE.”

“We put the most effort into performance. They are rookies but we can proudly say they are near perfection as you can see from their performance videos released prior to their debut,” said Lee Ju-seop, the founder of MNH Entertainment who took the stage to introduce 8TURN himself during the media showcase for the group’s debut album at Ilchi Art Hall in Seoul.

8TURN consists of eight members—Myungho, Jaeyun, Minho, Yoonsung, Haemin, Kyungmin, Yungyu, and Seungheon.

Some of the members already have a fandom for taking part in idol survival programs prior to their debut such as Kyungmin in Mnet’s I-LAND and Jaeyun in Mnet’s Boys24.

The name of the group means that it’s the turn of these eight artists to open a new era.

8TURN aims to pump energy into those who have grown tired in their daily lives by giving them a fresh wave of shock.

Looking eager to start their new chapter as 8TURN, the group stepped onstage wearing jeans backward which is their trademark to express their freewheeling, kitsch style.

“Wearing our jeans backward symbolizes that we will make our own way without sticking to the norms,” explained Yungyu.

In line with the act’s concept, “Tic Tac,” the titular track of their album, is a song dedicated to the MZ generation who wishes to live their lives outside the box.

The song falls into a hip-hop dance genre composed of hard pop and Latin sounds. Its powerful chanting and whistle sounds are certain to give listeners an earworm.

Not only is the melody of the song very catchy and addictive, so is the group's performance dynamic. It almost looks like acrobatics.

“Our point dance moves include circling a finger in an attempt to seduce our fans and making a hand whistling gesture,” explained Myungho.

Other tracks in the album include “WE,” “Wonder,” “Say My Name,” and “Heartache.”

Each member of the group showed off different dancing styles and vocals as well as different personalities making them even more interesting.

Together their synergy created good teamwork that was visible through their perfectly coordinated performance.

“We want to get a rookie award this year. I grew up looking up to K-pop stars so I hope that we can also become role models for others in the future,” Kyungmin shared his goals.

“We want others to think that our performance and teamwork are the best. We want to be recognized for our skills,” added Seungheon.