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Dawn joins hip-hop label At Area founded by Groovyroom

Jan. 30, 2023 - 14:24 By Hong Yoo
Profile picture of Dawn (AT AREA)

K-pop singer Dawn signed an exclusive contract with the label AT AREA after leaving P Nation, the management company headed by Psy.

“We are glad to introduce Dawn as our first new member of the year 2023. We have always had our eyes on Dawn. We will actively support his potential artistry to the fullest to quench his musical thirst,” announced AT AREA on Monday.

“I am happy to be with AT AREA. I feel reassured that we have a deep connection with the goal of going forward as an artist. I want to make as much music as I want. I ask for the public’s interest in my music to come,” commented Dawn.

Last week, Dawn dropped hints about his new contract and impending comeback with AT AREA by posting “New place, new music coming soon” on his social media account.

Dawn left P Nation in August and has since been working on his own without an agency.

"It was so good being in the same label as Psy. He helped me a lot too, but I only feel like I'm living when I'm looking for something new,” he said last month in a video on the YouTube channel Deagle.

Currently, AT AREA is led by the renowned music producing team Groovyroom and manages other artists such as R&B singer Gemini and rapper Mirani.

Dawn made his debut as a member of the K-pop boy group Pentagon in 2016.

He left the group in 2018 after making his relationship with soloist HyunA public. After years of dating, they announced their breakup in November 2022.

Dawn began his career as a solo artist with his first single “Money” in 2019 after joining P Nation.

Other solo hits include “Stupid Cool” and “Dawndididawn.”

Dawn released a duet album “1+1=1” with HyunA in September 2021.