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[팟캐스트] (491) 마이크로LED가 OLED 화면 대체할 수 있을까? / 실내 마스크 착용 의무 곧 풀리나?

Jan. 20, 2023 - 13:05 By Korea Herald
Apple Watch 8 Ultra (Apple)

진행자: 조혜림, Naomi Garyan

1. [KH Explains] How soon will microLED replace OLED?

기사요약: 애플이 최근 자체 마이크로LED(발광다이오드) 기술개발에 나서며 기존에 국내 기업들로부터 공급받던 OLED (유기발광다이오드) 스크린을 대체할 수 있다는 이야기가 나온다. OLED 보다 한 단계 앞선 기술로 평가받는 마이크로LED가 과연 OLED 스크린을 대체할 수 있을까?

[1] Micro light-emitting diode, or microLED, has become a buzzword in tech, as Apple -- the world’s largest consumer electronics company by revenue -- is reportedly working to use the sophisticated display technology in upcoming Apple Watches while reducing the use of organic light-emitting diode displays, whose key suppliers are South Korea’s Samsung and LG.

*buzzword: (언론 등에서 많이 사용되는) 유행어

*revenue: 수입, 매출

*sophisticated: 정교한, 복잡한

*upcoming: 다가오는, 곧 있을

[2] In recent years, OLED has been increasingly used in high-end TVs, smartphones and wearable devices to offer better picture quality. However, microLED is considered a step up, as it boasts better durability, a longer life span and greater energy efficiency.

*high-end: 고급의

*wearable: 착용감이 좋은, 착용할 수 있는

*step up: 한 단계 올라간

[3] “In the long run, microLED may become cheaper when the technology is mature enough. But in this beginning stage, the final product is expected to be pricier than the ones with OLED screens,” said an industry official on condition of anonymity.

*mature: 성숙한, 충분히 발달하다

*anonymity: 익명


2. S. Korea to decide on lifting indoor masking Friday

기사요약: 코로나19 감염자 수가 감소세를 보이는 가운데 정부가 실내마스크 착용 의무 해제를 검토했다. 이후 정부는 30일부터 일부 시설 등을 제외한 공간에서 실내마스크 착용 의무를 권고로 완화하는 방안을 확정했다.

[1] South Korean health authorities will decide on Friday whether to lift the indoor mask mandate as early as the end of this month.

*lift: 올리다; (금지, 제약을) 해제하다

*mandate: 의무, 명령

[2] As they agreed to phase out the indoor mask requirement, some experts also reportedly suggested lifting the mandate as early as Jan. 30, the first Monday after the Lunar New Year holiday.

*phase out: 단계적으로 폐지, 삭감하다

*reportedly: 전하는 바에 따르면, 소문에 의하면

[3] The minister also noted the country’s new COVID-19 infections are on the decrease, with the average daily new virus cases reaching 42,938 last week, showing a steady downward trend for the third consecutive week. The number of critically ill patients reached 439 on average last week, which is the lowest point in five weeks.

*note: 주목하다, (중요하거나 흥미로운 것을) 언급하다

*consecutive: 연이은


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