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P&G Korea's Febreze fights winter fabric odors

Jan. 18, 2023 - 15:54 By Kim So-yeon
P&G Korea’s Febreze Fabric Refresher Spray (P&G Korea)

In winter, odors coming from coats and mufflers often don’t disappear, especially after meals in an enclosed space.

Winter clothing comes from fabric made of porous fibers, therefore being kept in a state where odor-causing gas molecules are absorbed due to high moisture. Indoor ventilation is also difficult in winter, so odor molecules brought in from outdoors can linger and affect sofas and bedding used by the entire family.

In this case, Febreze from P&G Korea, a global household goods maker, can be a solution to winter odor concerns. Febreze is largely divided into "Febreze Fabric Refresher Spray" that is sprayed directly on the fabric and “Febreze Small Spaces" – an indoor air freshener.

Febreze Fabric Refresher Spray provides deodorization of odors in daily life, having a 99.9 percent antibacterial effect. The product can effectively care for fabrics that are difficult to wash frequently such as sofas, curtains and sneakers.

Febreze Small Spaces neatly removes odors from bathrooms, foyers and closets that are hard to get rid of. Thanks to its aerodynamic design, it carries strong deodorizing power just by keeping it in place to the maximum of 1,400 hours.

Through both products, the root cause of the smell is removed through Febreze's own odor neutralization technology. It also prevents odor recurrence by forming a protective film on the surface where odors can permeate.

Using a variety of its own products, Febreze collaborated with more than 60 Korean BBQ restaurants and fitness centers across the country in December 2022 to carry out its "Reset Today's Smell Today" campaign.

"Febreze is a product that helps deodorization by removing the fundamental cause of smells, not just covering up the smells with scent," said an official from P&G Korea. "In winter, we hope customers have more refreshing daily lives by using our product."