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Late-night KBS music talk show legacy returns in 'The Seasons-Jay Park's Drive'

Jan. 17, 2023 - 18:02 By Hong Yoo
From left: Producer Park Seok-hyoung, Jeong Dong-hwan of Melomance, producer Lee Chang-suh and Jay Park pose for photos during a press conference for KBS' upcoming late-night music talk show "The Seasons-Jay Park's Drive," in Seoul on Tuesday. (KBS)

Cheeky and fresh is how public broadcaster KBS wants to make over its 30-year legacy of late-night music talk shows, with the first new version of “The Seasons,” starting next month.

The program will be a one-year project divided into four different seasons, each hosted by different stars.

The first season, “The Seasons-Jay Park’s Drive,” will be led by the Korean singer and rapper Jay Park.

It is the first time for Jay Park to host a music program for a local broadcast service in his 15-year career as a musician.

“I tried to freely engage in the program by asking impromptu questions to our guests so I really enjoyed shooting the first episode. I think this program will be precious for many viewers as they don’t really get the chance to see shows in which musicians get to talk about their pieces in a comfy environment, because these days there are mostly competition and survival music programs,” said Jay Park at a press conference in Seoul on Tuesday.

“At first, we thought we were doomed because we took a lot of time writing the script for the first episode of the show, but Jay Park did not go according to the script. But later, we were grateful for having Jay Park hosting the show, because what we wanted to do was just that -- to break the norms. He showed what hosting is in this new generation,” commented producer Lee Chang-suh.

The program will focus on introducing music from diverse scenes without prejudice, while shouting out rookie acts.

“I want to have IU and NewJeans as guests in our show because they are outstanding musicians offering music that people of all ages can enjoy. In the hip-hop scene, I have this person I would really like to introduce. He is DUT2, an R&B singer born in 2001. His music is sophisticated and he does legit R&B. I want people to get to know him,” Jay Park pointed out.

Producers will put effort into conducting in-depth interviews with musicians and creating a well-made stage, according to KBS.

That includes forming a young band led by pianist and composer Jeong Dong-hwan of Melomance.

“Every member in the band is both fun and talented, apt for doing trendy music. This experience was really valuable for me because I could solely concentrate in playing music,” said the band master.

With Jay Park, the program is expected to highlight mostly K-pop and hip-hop musicians.

“We have the next two hosts cast for the following seasons. There is the last season left for us to look for a host. We are currently working hard to cast this last person whom we would really like to have as the emcee of our show,” hinted producer Park Seok-hyoung. "It's a secret."

“The Seasons-Jay Park’s Drive” airs every Sunday at 10:55 p.m. starting Feb. 5.