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Celebrating 70th year of The Korea Herald

Jan. 2, 2023 - 11:10 By Lee Joo-hee
A cardboard sculpture of the emblem marking the 70th year of The Korea Herald is on display in the lobby of Herald Square, the Korea Herald's headquarters in Seoul. The emblem is inspired by The Korea Herald’s corporate identity of four lines in the color Herald Blue. The new slogan “Hello World” marks the 70th year. (Herald)

This year, The Korea Herald celebrates the 70th year since its first publication on Aug. 15, 1953, upon the signing of the armistice agreement from the Korean War.

The Korea Herald has been in the front line of current affairs through the seven decades. Writing in a foreign language, The Korea Herald reporters were outsiders from the inside, trying to tell the stories with a purpose different from those of Korean-language journalists.

Through the historical upheavals, economic accomplishments, financial crises, cultural landmark moments, catastrophes and victories, The Korea Herald reported beyond borders to the international readers.

Now we realize news reporting no longer holds the same ground as it did decades ago. We recognize that we face far more poignant and intertwined readers than ever before. Our mission of the past is one to be cherished but also one we must move on from. The story of Korea no longer holds true just to Korea.

In commemoration of the 70th anniversary, The Korea Herald has prepared an in-depth six-month series on the Korean language, through which we trust we can denote what we have been doing best: linking Korea with the world by breaking through the barriers of language. The Korea Herald will also illustrate on the key historical moments of Korea by combing through the front pages of The Korea Herald since 1953.

Together with The Herald Business, The Korea Herald’s sister newspaper, we have also prepared a range of projects spanning from environment to peace to commemorate the anniversary.

We offer our deepest thanks to our loyal readers and supporters, and it is with a great sense of mission that we pledge to pay you back with a greater next 70 years.

By Lee Joo-hee, Managing editor (