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The Importance of The 2030 Busan World Expo

Dec. 28, 2022 - 15:29 By Korea Herald
Shin Chae-yoon

The World Expo is a global event where the countries of the world display their culture and technological innovations in a single location. One country hosts this event every five years. Because of the attention and the large number of visitors, the host country can get a lot of economic and cultural benefits. If Busan is chosen to host the 2030 World Expo, the city’s economy will grow, and the event will help spread Korea’s technology globally.

First, through hosting the Expo, Busan can benefit economically. Unlike the Olympics or the World Cup, a World Expo is a long-lasting event. This provides an opportunity for many more people to visit the host city and spend money there on restaurants, hotels and other services. It is estimated that Busan will receive 34.8 million visitors during the Expo. Furthermore, according to Korean Prime Minister Han Duck-soo, up to 500,000 jobs will be created. The economic benefits are clear.

In addition, there is a proposal to invest in Busan’s transportation infrastructure. The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport has promised to build a new airport in nearby Gadeok. Along with this, the North Port of Busan, the proposed site of the Expo, will be redeveloped, improving the city’s urban environment. These projects will help people and products to move more smoothly to and from Busan, greatly helping to grow the city’s economy.

Secondly, if Busan wins the Expo, it will help spread Korea’s technology globally, raising Korea’s profile around the world. Busan 2030’s slogan is “Transforming Our World, Navigating Toward a Better Future.” In keeping with this, the city has a plan to increase the use of green energy and become carbon neutral by 2050. The Busan Expo committee’s website says that by the time of the Expo, Busan will be outfitted with eco-friendly vehicles powered by green energy. This is possible because of Korea’s already high level of technology.

Moreover, there are plans to create a metaverse platform for Busan Expo 2030. This is possible because of changes to the smart digital industry. It will allow people from all over the world to participate virtually in the Expo, even if they cannot go to Busan in person.

Hosting the 2030 World Expo will be a history-making event both for Busan and Korea. Every Korean will benefit from the economic opportunities that come with hosting this event, and Busan’s infrastructure will get the improvement it needs for the city to grow and become a major international destination. The whole world will also benefit from Korea’s advanced eco-friendly technology.

I hope Busan gets the Expo to help contribute to the world through a platform that responds to the climate crisis and the humanization of high technology. This will help realize humanity’s universal values. It’s clear to me that Busan would be the best choice to host the 2030 World Expo.

By Shin Chae-yoon