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[팟캐스트] (486) BTS 진 입영 앞두고 삭발 사진 공개/ '방역 완화' 중국 감기약 품귀에 국내 악영향 우려

Dec. 15, 2022 - 10:16 By Korea Herald

진행자: 홍유, Naomi

    BTS' Jin begins 18 months of military service
기사요약: BTS 진 입영 앞두고 삭발 사진 공개
[1] BTS member Jin is beginning his military service on Tuesday in one of the northernmost military bases in South Korea.
*military service: 병역
*military base: 군사기지
[2] Jin shared a selfie of his short shaved hair on the fan community platform Weverse on Monday in preparation for his 18 months of military service.
*preparation: 준비
[3] According to the South Korean military, the boot camp where Jin begins military service is that of the 5th Infantry Division in Yeoncheon, Gyeonggi Province.
*boot camp: 신병 훈련소
[4] Jin will be admitted to the boot camp with around 200 other new soldiers.
*be admitted to: 입소하다
[5] After five weeks of basic training in Yeoncheon, Jin will be placed in a military unit.
*be placed in: ~에 놓여있다, ~에 배치되어있다
기사 원문:
    Scarcity of cold medicines looms in S. Korea following shortage in China
기사요약: '방역 완화' 중국 감기약 품귀에 국내 악영향 우려
[1] South Korea may experience trouble in importing raw materials for cold medicines in the near future due to a cold medicine shortage in China, according to industry insiders Tuesday.
*cold medicine: 감기약
*shortage: 부족
[2] China, South Korea’s main importer of raw materials for cold medicine, is currently experiencing a dearth of cold medicines with people bulk-buying them following the country's relaxing of quarantine policies.
*raw material: 원자재
*bulk-buying: 대량 매입
*dearth: 부족
[3] The Ministry of Food and Drug Safety recently cautioned South Korean pharmaceutical companies regarding disruptions to the production and supply of cold medicines in the country.
*disruption: 파괴, 혼란
[4] "Because there may soon be trouble in importing raw materials for cold medicines such as antipyretics, we believe that preemptive measures are needed to prevent disruptions in the production and supply of cold medicine," the announcement said.
*preemptive: 선제의

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