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The 3rd ACBC IR Pitching: Meet 9 selective content companies from Gwangju, Korea at LA & Silicon Valley

Nov. 30, 2022 - 20:41 By

GWANGJU, South Korea, Nov. 30, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- After incubating for 3 months with various supports, from Oct 31st to Nov 4th, 2022, the Gwangju Information & Culture Industry Promotion Agency (GICON) has brought 9 Korean companies to Los Angeles and Silicon Valley under the 3rd ACBC IR Pitching Day to give them opportunity to pitch in front of American VC and potential business partners such as WeVR (VR platform), XRM Media (XR, VR manufacturer, Xsolla (Video game manufacturer), 1000 Rivers (Tech Investment Company), Accel Partners (Venture Capital).

Established in Gwangju – the 6th biggest city in South Korea, the Gwangju Information & Culture Industry Promotion Agency (GICON) has the mission of promoting the ICT and contents industry in Gwangju through various activities: helping ICT & cultural content companies, fostering talents, incubating startups and supporting infrastructure.

'The ACBC IR Pitching Day' in an annually program operated by GICON with the purpose of revitalizing the local cultural content industry and encouraging global investment relationship. Within this project, Korean companies in content industries especially in animation, game and cultural content industries are incubated with diverse aids: producing promotional materials, training IR skills, consulting business model, etc.

This year, GICON has selected 09 selective Korean companies in Gwangju city to be in the 3rd ACBC IR Pitching program. All of them are offering significantly promising solutions in content industry: inDJ with AI music platform, Geniesoft with Korea culture theme horror game, EYESCREAM Studio with virtual human entertainment solution, WITCHES offers the AI camping metaverse and especially newest content in animation from Studio W. Baba, 5Bricks, Goldframe, Studio Shelter and Neon Creation.

Continuing with the mission of aiding Gwangju SMEs and giving them chance to appeal global investment, GICON has planned to keep hosting this annual 'ACBC IR Pitching Day' program in the future with deeper incubation for startups and also improvement in their supporting system by connecting and cooperating with global market as their new strategy.

This is expected to be a core platform where Korean companies can be trained to reach out globally and especially to appeal global investment in the future.