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Best Korean Restaurants in Seoul 2022

Nov. 17, 2022 - 11:21 By Korea Herald

This information is provided by CATCH TABLE. -- Ed.

1. Solbam

One of the best contemporary fine dining restaurants we can proudly recommend. The course is made up of dishes based on Korean food. Enjoy the wonderful taste and the creative plating throughout the whole meal.

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2. I'm So Seoul

A luxury restaurant that serves Korean beef dishes. There is a private room for customers who would like to have a quiet meal with their parties. Core customers rate this restaurant "perfect" in terms of not only the taste of every dish but also the fine service.

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3. Jungsik

A restaurant that combines the best of Seoul and New York. Seoul restaurant’s signature menu, kimbap, is a must-try. Jungsik also serves a vegetarian course so that anyone can enjoy a meal here. There is also a private room for family gatherings, birthday parties and much more.

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4. 7th door

A restaurant that serves both lunch and dinner, meals consisted of perfectly cooked and presented dishes based on Korean traditional food. Do not leave until you try the seafood dishes! Also, do not forget to add wine-pairings if you go for the dinner course.

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A perfect restaurant for those who are looking for modern fine dining consisted of courses with simple yet luxurious plating. Seasonal dishes are served with presentation reminiscent of a fine artwork. A private room is also available for a group of parties.

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6. Joo Ok

This restaurant serves Korean contemporary cuisine in which all four seasons are melted within the course menus. The vast city view is another charming point of this place. Enjoy the creative plating with your eyes and the delicious taste with your mouth.

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