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[팟캐스트] (482) 한총리 "코로나 확산세 신속히 대처…17일 수능 대비 만전"/ 그랜저 다 바꿨다, 6년 만에 새 모델

Nov. 17, 2022 - 11:11 By Korea Herald
Hyundai Motor CEO Chang Jae-hoon introduces the all-new Grandeur during an online presentation Monday. (Hyundai Motor Group)

진행자: 홍유, Brolley Genster
1. PM stresses safety measures for Suneung day

기사요약: 한총리 “코로나 확산세 신속히 대처…17일 수능 대비 만전”
[1] Prime Minister Han Duck-soo called for extra crowd safety measures after the national college entrance examination, or Suneung, which will take place on Thursday.

*crowd: 사람들, 군중, 무리
*examination: 시험
[2] "Related authorities should do their best regarding COVID-19 disinfection so test takers can take the exam in a safe environment," Han said at a Central Disaster and Safety Countermeasures Headquarters meeting held Monday.

*authority: 당국
*environment: 환경
[3] Han also mentioned the importance of safety management, as test takers are likely to gather for celebration after the exam, in light of the Itaewon tragedy where 158 people lost their lives.

*mention: 말하다, 언급
*in light of: 에 비추어, 을 고려하여
[4] “Authorities should inspect safety management plans after the exam in cooperation with local governments and business associations, as well as monitor the situation even excessively,” Han said.

*inspect: 점검하다, 사찰하다
*excessively: 지나치게, 심히, 매우
원문 링크:

2. All-new Hyundai Grandeur returns after 6 years

기사요약: 그랜저 다 바꿨다, 6년 만에 새 모델
[1] Hyundai Motor on Monday launched the all-new Grandeur, the seventh-generation fully changed model of its top-selling midsize sedan, a comeback after six years with global sales set to begin from the second quarter next year.

*quarter: 분기
[2] Since its debut in 1986, the Grandeur has long been considered a luxury sedan here, widely chosen as the executive ride for local chaebol companies.

*considered: 깊이 생각한, 존경받는, 중히 여겨지는
*executive: 경영 간부
[3] But the car's former cachet may have been overshadowed by its younger sibling Genesis' bigger presence in recent years.

*cachet: 특징
*overshadowed: 빛을 잃게 만들다, 그늘을 드리우다
[4] Reinterpreting the first-generation Grandeur’s square-shaped exterior, the seventh-generation Grandeur’s design applied Hyundai Motor’s philosophy to reflect on the past, incorporating refinement and sophistication along with innovative, high-tech details.

*reinterpret: 재해석하다, 새롭게 해석하다
*refinement: 개선
원문 링크:
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