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Textile maker Hansae marks 40th anniversary

Nov. 15, 2022 - 14:29 By Lee Yoon-seo
Kim Ik-hwan, vice chairman of Hansae (Hansae)

To commemorate its 40th anniversary, South Korean clothing manufacturer Hansae is preparing to take a leap forward with its textile business by undertaking an efficient and sustainable working process, according to the company on Tuesday.

"We aim to have the company reach one hundred years by discovering new growth engines with a creative and innovative corporate culture," said Kim Ik-hwan, vice chairman of Hansae.

As part of its aim to work under a more efficient production process, the company recently adopted Hansae Advanced Management System (HAMS), which digitizes the company's production and enables real-time monitoring of all factories around the world at its headquarters.

Since 2017, it has also been participating in eco-friendly management by producing virtual samples with its own 3D design technology, in aims to reduce waste.

"We will increase work efficiency by utilizing advanced IT technologies and attempt to grow (as a company) with fair evaluations that are performance-oriented," said Kim.

Hansae, a global fashion company established in 1982, currently operates 20 entities in nine countries, with some 50,000 employees in total.

The company specializes in producing original developing manufacturing products, or products that are finalized or pre-designed by contract manufacturers and sold under the brand name of the purchasing company.

Their main contract manufacturers include global fashion brands such as H&M and Gap.

The company also saw a spike in its sales during the third quarter, logging 65.6 billion won ($49.6 million) in operating profits and seeing a 266 percent growth from a year earlier.

The company's sales rose 41 percent to 588.3 billion won, compared to last year as well.