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STX donates W130m to Itaewon foreign victims' families

Nov. 10, 2022 - 17:52 By Lee Yoon-seo
Logo of STX (STX)

Korean general trading firm STX said Thursday it has donated 130 million won ($95,000) to the families of foreign victims of the Itaewon Halloween tragedy, as it seeks to offer comfort for their losses.

The company said it donated money to the family and multiculturalism division of the Seoul Metropolitan Government for them to then deliver to the bereaved families.

"We would like to convey our condolences to the foreigners who lost family members on foreign soil due to a sudden accident," said an official from STX.

"We feel a heavy responsibility as a company that runs a global business."

The donation -- 5 million won for each victim -- will be delivered to the families via the Yongsan District Office and the embassies of the victims' home countries.

"The government and companies are giving a lot of help (to the victims) in relation to the accident in Itaewon, but direct support for the families of the foreign victims is still rare to find," said an official from the Seoul Metropolitan Government.

STX is a professional trading company that focuses in energy businesses such as trading liquid natural gas and petroleum, as well as imports and exports of raw materials, with operating revenue of 591 billion won as of the second half of this year.