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Seller admits all allegations surrounding BTS' Jungkook's hat

Police said Hybe confirmed Jungkook had lost the hat

Nov. 7, 2022 - 20:07 By Choi Ji-won
An Oct. 17 post on the online flea market Bungae Jangteo (right) shows BTS' Jungkook's hat (worn by Jungkook on the left) put up for sale. (Screenshots of BTS' YouTube and online post)

The online seller who asked for 10 million won for K-pop superstar BTS' member Jungkook's lost hat has admitted to all the allegations surrounding the case.

Seoul Seocho Police on Monday said it has completed its investigations into the seller -- referred to anonymously as A -- who had put a hat allegedly worn by Jungkook up for sale on a online market.

According to the police, A, an alleged former employee of the Foreign Ministry, was booked in early November on charges of embezzlement of lost property. They added A has pleaded guilty to all accusations made against A during the investigation and added they are now making a final review of A's criminal charges.

A turned themselves in to police on Oct. 18.

In the now-deleted Oct. 17 post, the seller claimed to be working at the South Korean Foreign Ministry and explained the singer had left the hat while visiting to get a passport. Attaching an image file of a ministry ID card as evidence, A wrote in the post that they had obtained legal ownership over the hat as they had reported the lost item but Jungkook had not made a call or a visit in six months since.

According to the police, BTS' agency Hybe confirmed that Jungkook had lost his hat at the ministry around the period. However, the police nor the ministry received any report about the missing hat, and police found that A was no longer affiliated to the ministry.

In South Korea, someone who finds lost property must report it to the police. If the person keeps it unlawfully or attempts misappropriation of it, they may be punished for embezzlement of lost property.

The police on Monday stated it was currently mulling which charges to seek against A. The seller was initially booked for misappropriation of lost property, but the police are reportedly considering charges of occupational embezzlement.

The police added whether the hat will be returned to Jungkook has not been decided.