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Unity poised to help creating innovative games

Nov. 7, 2022 - 15:29 By Kan Hyeong-woo
Kim Beom-joo, head of evangelism at Unity Korea, speaks to reporters at the company’s office in Seoul on Monday. (Unity Korea)

Unity Technologies, developer of world-leading 3D graphics engines, discussed ways to improve the optimization and convenience for creators using its game-making tools at its annual Unite conference, the company’s Korea branch said Monday.

The in-person Unite 2022 conference took place in Austin, Brighton in England, Copenhagen in Denmark, Montreal and San Francisco on Tuesday as it was also virtually open for all developers across the world.

Headquartered in the US, Unity operates the world’s most widely used 3D-content-creating platform for creators and developers in not just the gaming industry, but the fields of architecture, art, design and film.

“I thought creating games was the most difficult thing. As we want to help local developers, Unity Korea is carrying out various activities such as hiring talented people, discovering excellent projects and sharing foundational knowledge,” said Kim Beom-joo, head of evangelism at Unity Korea, in a press conference held at the company’s office in Seoul.

According to Kim, about 50 percent of all console, PC and mobile games worldwide were created using Unity engines. Of the top 1,000 mobile games across the globe, 72 percent were based on Unity technologies, he said. With such a large market share, Unity estimates that the games using Unity engines have a total of about 3 billion monthly active users.

“We want to become a platform that offers fundamental technologies for enhancing not only gaming engines and developmental techniques but also the metaverse ecosystem. Expanding into various industry areas while pursuing versatility and universality for anyone to use (our engine) easily, Unity’s basic directivity will not change,” said Kim.

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