Renault's QM6 becomes newest addition to police fleet
Published : Oct 25, 2022 - 14:01
Updated : Oct 25, 2022 - 14:01
Renault Korea's QM6 vehicles, which are to be supplied to local police, are parked at the automaker's distribution center in Busan. (Renault Korea)

Renault Korea said Tuesday it has supplied 67 of its popular sport utility vehicle QM6 to law enforcement, to be used by local detectives and riot police officers.

Renault Korea’s QM6 model was recognized by police officials as being fit for police operations for its low noise levels and spacious interior, the automaker explained.

QM6 boasts the most spacious back seat among SUVs in the similar range. With the back seats folded, it opens up 2,000 liters of cargo space when including the trunk. The ample space allows for bulky investigation equipment, alongside large amount of manpower, to be transported, Renault Korea said.

Moreover, QM6 uses noise-blocking materials in both its interior and exterior including the engine room, and uses noise-insulating glass for its windshield. As riot police and detectives spend large amounts of time in patrol cars, comfort and low noise levels are of utmost importance, the automaker added.

"QM6 being supplied (to the police), after going through the National Police Agency’s thorough screening and bidding process, once again shows QM6’s superiority, which was recognized as a bestseller among regular customers for its low-noise levels and comfortability,” said Kim Tae-joon, head of sales and marketing at Renault Korea.

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