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[Test Drive] The ID.4: a great family EV

Oct. 24, 2022 - 16:23 By Hong Yoo
The Volkswagen ID.4 (Volkswagen Korea)

It’s no wonder why Volkswagen took a while to introduce its electric vehicle in South Korea. With its all-electric SUV ID.4, the German carmaker offers an accessible EV solution for local customers pursuing an eco-friendly family life.

The electrified midsize SUV boasts remarkable spaciousness. It is big enough to accommodate a family as well as equipment for activity lovers. There is enough leg- and headroom in both the front and back seats, and the trunk is capable of storing up to 543 liters of luggage.

It is also not a boring-looking big car.

Presenting an aerodynamic look with a voluptuous body, the car has more sophisticated interior features than any other Volkswagen car introduced in Korea.

The 5.3-inch cockpit and steering wheel of ID.4 (Volkswagen Korea)

There is a 5.3-inch cockpit, which is attached behind the steering wheel, an upgrade from an ordinary cockpit. It also secures a clear and wider view for the driver.

The gear knob is attached next to the cockpit, which takes some time to get used to, but allows much more space for the center console.

In terms of speed performance, the ID.4 is boosted with a maximum torque of 31.6 kilogram-meters.

The SUV can effortlessly speed up from zero to 100 kilometers per hour in 8.5 seconds.

The ID.4 not as fast as luxury EVs, but it’s good enough for daily urban driving, as it can be driven for 405 kilometers with a single full charge, exhibiting a maximum speed of 160 kilometers per hour.

One of the drawbacks of the ID.4 is that unlike other SUVs that offer smooth driving on off-roads, it was not able to cushion the impact from off-roads.

Another drawback was that its automatic headlights, which turned on when going into dark driving environments such as tunnels, had a slow response.

The ID.4 also lacks ventilated seats, which can make driving uncomfortable for those who get hot easily.

But its practicality is unquestionable, as it is priced at 54.9 million won ($38,100). It can be purchased for some 40 million won after government subsidies.

Those that buy the SUV now, however, will be getting their cars by next year at the earliest. Volkswagen has only allotted 1,200 units for the Korean market this year, and more than 3,500 orders have already been made.

But its practicality is unquestionable as it is offered at 54.9 million won ($38,178) which can be purchased at some 40 million won with government subsidy.

Those that buy the SUV now, however, will be getting their cars no sooner than next year as Volkswagen has only allotted 1,200 units of them for the Korean market for this year and more than 3,500 orders have already been made.