Le Sserafim returns as quintet with 2nd EP ‘Antifragile’
Published : Oct 17, 2022 - 19:16
Updated : Oct 17, 2022 - 19:16

Rookie girl group Le Sserafim poses for photos during a press showcase event for its second EP, “Antifragile,” held at Yonsei University's Centennial Hall in western Seoul, Monday. (Source Music)

While rookie girl group Le Sserafim had to overcome the hurdle of repositioning into a quintet just two months after its debut, the members said the experience has toughened them up. That new attitude can be heard throughout the group's second EP, "Antifragile," which dropped Monday.

Ahead of the album’s digital release at 6 p.m., the band held a press showcase event to talk about the album and its production. The bandmates said they were able to improve their singing and dancing skills as K-pop artists, as well as grow personally.

When asked about their thoughts and feelings on making a comeback, Yunjin said, “I felt a bigger pressure than when we debuted since it is our first comeback.” Chaewon, the leader of the group, said that the bandmates tried their best to showcase a much-improved performance this time.

"Chaewon's leadership has grown stronger. As a person who has been together quite some time, I'm proud of her," Sakura said. "As for me, I tried to make better facial expressions while performing."

Kazuha expressed her thanks to the group's fans for giving them so much attention, which she said was beyond her imagination. In return, she cared a great deal about recording and practicing choreography for the group's new songs this time, she said.

"For our debut, I was not able to fully enjoy the moments onstage because I was telling myself that I just had to do well. But this time, I've noticed myself enjoying performances and make my facial expressions brighter," Chaewon said.

Yet because of the extremely fast-paced and vigorous choreography for “Antifragile,” Sakura said that its debut dance number “Fearless” felt like a subdued ballad in comparison. "It was twice as hard as 'Fearless,'" she added.

"When we heard the song for the first time, we just knew the choreography was going to be extremely difficult," Kazuha said. "I was also shocked at how different the music style was."

Rookie girl group Le Sserafim performs during a press showcase event for its second EP, “Antifragile,” held at Yonsei University's Centennial Hall in western Seoul, Monday. (Source Music)

The EP marks a return for the act nearly five months after its debut with “Fearless” in May. The five-track EP contains the bandmates’ inner stories and attitudes as they become stronger once they face tough times, Chaewon explained.

“We can’t always have good moments in life, however, this EP carries our spirit that no matter what comes, we will overcome it," the act's leader said. Sakura added, "This EP is about embracing even those moments and loving the entire journey.”

The EP's songs are “The Hydra,” “Impurities,” “No Celestial” and “Good Parts.” The title track features a whistling Latin beat and a wickedly addictive hook.

“The song is very addictive. Its lyrics and melody are catchy. We said, ‘Le Sserafim is addictiveness, between ourselves,” Eunchae said, adding the album's theme had been set ahead of its debut. The act started recording the songs as soon as it finished its debut promotions.

Yunjin, who took part in writing the song’s lyrics with Sakura, said, “Since it’s our real story, I was so into the process. I tried to be honest about our feelings, so listeners can easily relate to it.”

Rookie girl group Le Sserafim answers questions from local reporters during a press showcase event for its second EP, “Antifragile,” held at Yonsei University's Centennial Hall in western Seoul, Monday. (Source Music)

After making a splash with “Fearless,” which sold over 307,000 copies in its first week, “Antifragile” has surpassed 620,000 copies in preorders ahead of its release.

Since “Antifragile” is also the act’s first release as a quintet following the departure of former member Kim Ga-ram in July, the act was asked to share stories and preparations for its comeback without the former bandmate. The group seemed quite perplexed and looked at each other to evade answering such questions.

Yunjin rounded out the answer, saying, “We put all out efforts into ‘Antifragile.’ We’re looking forward to the promotion. We promise to show an improved side of us.” Chaewon also said, “We’ve prepared just as hard on the second EP as the debut album.”

Since "Antifragile" is about the group's resolve to become hardened and stronger despite hardships and shocks, Yunjin hopes the album can cheer them up by listening to the songs.

"Many wonderful groups, including ourselves, have made a debut this year. We hope this album promotion can help create an image of us in listeners' minds when thinking of the word 'performer," Chaewon said.

By Jie Ye-eun (yeeun@heraldcorp.com)