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Park Ji-hoon hopes ‘My Answer’ will give listeners 'genuine happiness'

Oct. 13, 2022 - 15:11 By Park Jun-hee
Park Ji-hoon poses during an online conference for his 6th EP, “The Answer,” on Wednesday. (Maru Entertainment)

Having spent a year away from music, singer Park Ji-hoon has returned with his sixth EP, “The Answer,” which dropped Wednesday evening.

“I was on hiatus for quite a long time since I was busy shooting a drama and doing other activities. I’m a little nervous and excited at the same time thinking that I’ll be able to see my fans in person,” he said during Wednesday’s online press conference.

“Since I’m putting out an album after so long, I dyed my hair back to red, the color I had when I dropped my first album. I gave a tweak to my style to bring back the passion and energy I had back then,” the singer added.

Park said the main theme of the new album is maturity. When asked why, he said he wants his fans and those who listen to his music to be in a state of genuine happiness, saying that he is back with more seasoned music compared to his previous albums.

The musician added that in line with the album’s title, his new musical project aims to say, “You are my only answer.”

The album's lead track “Nitro,” a trendy tune interweaving the singer’s low-tone voice and blaze-spitting rapping.

“The second track on the album, ‘Nitro,’ is meant to give listeners a boost. It’s a song that allows listeners to feel the track’s fast-paced speed, and that’s why I am running around in the music video,” the artist said.

Other tracks on the album are “Moon&Back,” a song that was released as a prerelease single on Sept. 30, “Silence,” “Frame,” “Don’t Tell Anyone” and “Midnight.”

Gushing about his latest album, Park said “The Answer” has all the corny facets of a love song: From synth-pop tunes, groovy rhythm, the swooning and blatant emotions, all six tracks talk about themes of love, peppering more joy into the album.

Park Ji-hoon poses during an online conference for his 6th EP, “The Answer,” on Wednesday. (Maru Entertainment)

Of the six songs, Park said “Fame,” the fourth track, has a special place in his heart.

“The song was compatible with the musical direction that I opted for. It was a track that I’ve always wanted to do. The song gives off a certain vibe and would be a perfect go-to for listening at night. I got smitten with the moon and the ambiance this track gave, and I remember how satisfied I was while recording it.”

Park went on to say that the groovy rhythm of the song makes “Fame” even more attractive, and the words to the song talk about how he wants to be trapped in his lover’s world by giving up his freedom.

When asked what brings him joy and happiness as a singer, Park said nothing but the love and support fans and people send him.

“I don’t promote myself to feel a sense of achievement. I would feel bad if I did because that would put so much pressure and burden on my fans. As I’ve said earlier, I would be happy if my songs could make listeners happy. I think I’m thankful for being able to continue my musical activities,” he said.

At the end of the event, Park expressed hopes that people and fans would perceive him as a “versatile” artist.

“I hope that people will see me, Park Ji-hoon, as a person with various charms as both a singer and an actor. That would be the answer I’d like to hear from others.”

Park Ji-hoon’s six-song package hit global music platforms on Wednesday at 6 p.m.