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Kwon Eun-bi hopes to cause a stir in K-pop scene with 3rd EP 'Lethality'

Oct. 12, 2022 - 20:12 By Jie Ye-eun
Singer Kwon Eun-bi poses for photos during a press showcase event for her third EP “Lethality,” at Ilchi Art Hall in Seoul, Wednesday. (Woollim Entertainment)

Kwon Eun-bi, formerly leader of Iz*One, returned to the stage Wednesday with her third EP, “Lethality."

The singer held a press showcase to talk about the album and its production at Ilchi Art Hall in Seoul, ahead of the EP's release at 6 p.m. the same day.

The new album marks the soloist’s return after a six-month break following the release of the second EP, “Color,” released in June.

“Like the lexical meaning of the word ‘lethality,’ my goal with the album is to reveal my fatal attraction to the audience, the singer said. “I tried many new things this time and one of the efforts I’ve made is to make my powerful vocal sounds even more powerful.”

The six-track package’s main track is “Underwater,” a pop dance song that combines baile funk and afrobeat rhythms with deep house. The soloist sings about a strong desire to be with a loved one forever.

The other songs on the album are "Wave," "Croquis," "Simulation," "Flash" and "Hi."

The third track “Croquis” is the sequel to her previous album’s “Glitch,” and Kwon said she took part in writing the lyrics and composing the last track “Hi."

While the latest album marks the first anniversary of Kwon's solo debut, she still finds releasing new songs as a soloist a burden.

"Since I made a good performance as an Iz*One member, it is still burdensome to drop an album as a solo artist. However, I'll try not to dwell on results but to keep my pace," Kwon said.

On the day of Kwon’s comeback, Lee Cha-yeon, another member of the now-disbanded project group, made her solo debut. Kwon felt sorry for taking the spotlight away from Lee but she also expected to create a “great synergy” together with the ex-bandmate.

Kwon, 27, made a debut as a solo musician with her first EP, “Open” in August last year. She was the first from the group to go solo.