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Bertis enters Singapore with breast cancer diagnosis product

Sept. 27, 2022 - 16:34 By Kan Hyeong-woo
Han Seung-man (Right), CEO of Bertis, and Chng Shih Kiat, medical director of Raffles Medical Group, take a commemorative photo after signing a supply contract of Bertis’ blood-based early breast cancer assay Mastocheck on Monday. (Bertis)

South Korean biotechnology company Bertis has signed a contract with the Raffles Medical Group to supply its early stage breast cancer detection product Mastocheck, the world’s first proteomics-based blood diagnosis solution.

According to Bertis, the two sides on Monday signed a deal to supply Mastocheck to about 30 medical institutions operated by the Raffles Medical Group in Singapore. Bertis said they will work to make Mastocheck available at the RMG’s overseas branches in China, Japan, Cambodia and Vietnam in the future.

Mastocheck helps diagnose early stage breast cancer by detecting three types of protein biomarkers in blood samples through the company's patented algorithms. The Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safety approved Mastocheck as an in vitro diagnostic device in January 2019.

“Proteomics technology has the advantage of providing accurate and convenient high-quality tests at an affordable price. And we will do our best to expand the availability of Mastocheck to other regions so that more people can benefit from the proteomics-based diagnostic assay,” said Bertis CEO Han Seung-man.