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'Hansan: Rising Dragon' tops 7 mln admissions

Aug. 28, 2022 - 19:57 By Yonhap
(Lotte Entertainment)
The Korean historical epic "Hansan: Rising Dragon" surpassed 7 million admissions Sunday, the movie's local distributor said.

The film about Adm. Yi Sun-shin -- one of Korea's most celebrated legendary admirals -- hit the milestone in the afternoon, Lotte Entertainment said.

The second installment of director Kim Han-min's trilogy talks about the famous Battle of Hansan Island on the southern coast of Korea in July 1592, when Yi defeated the larger Japanese force through intelligent tactics.

It is a prequel to "Roaring Currents," a 2014 box office megahit about Yi and the Battle of Myeongnyang, which is the most-viewed film of all time in South Korea with more than 17 million admissions. (Yonhap)