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Panacell Biotech to treat long COVID using stem cells

Aug. 11, 2022 - 18:05 By Lee Seung-ku
South Korean bio company Panacell Biotech said Wednesday it will start clinical trials to test the toxicity of natural killer cells, exosomes, and brown adiposed-derived stem cells when used to treat long COVID.

Natural killer cells are immune cells that can kill tumor cells and cells infected with viruses. The biotech company said it can also be used to treat long COVID as well as other terminal illnesses.

Long COVID symptoms span from migraines, hair loss, decreased libido and inflamed respiratory systems. Panacell says these symptoms could be alleviated through stem cell treatments.

“We expect that this clinical trial will reveal the therapeutic effects of stem cell therapy along with these treatments,” said Panacell Biotech CEO Choi Seung-ho. The statement did not mention when it would start the trials.

Meanwhile, over 200 patients have already been treated by similar methods in Wuhan, China, the Panacell press release said, quoting results from a clinical trial conducted by the China Biotechnology Development Center.

“The clinical treatment results (in China) show that the stem cell therapy has good safety and has also been confirmed to have a therapeutic effect,” the statement said, quoting the center’s Deputy Director Sun Yanrong. “We are continuing to monitor the treatment using stem cells.” Panacell and the center are not affiliated.

Panacell Biotech is a leading local bio company and research center specializing in advanced regenerative medicine and cell therapy. It is one of 21 cell treatment facilities whose operations have been approved by South Korea’s Food and Drug Safety Ministry.

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