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LG Innotek’s quality control gets recognition from JLR

Aug. 11, 2022 - 15:20 By Lee Yoon-Seo
An employee holds up the DC-DC converter that LG Innotek supplies to Jaguar Land Rover. (LG Innotek)
The electronic parts supplier LG Innotek was awarded with the Jaguar Land Rover Quality Certificate for two consecutive years, the company said Thursday.

The certificate, awarded by UK car manufacturer Jaguar Land Rover, evaluates partner companies for their quality of components and compliance with delivery dates.

LG Innotek has supplied DC-DC converters, components that convert high-voltage direct currents from the battery into low-voltage direct currents, to Jaguar Land Rover since 2017.

The DC-DC converter that LG Innotek produces is installed in the models of Range Rovers, Jaguar Land Rover’s flagship SUVs.

The certification is subject to a revocation if the partner companies’ component quality is deemed unsatisfactory. However, LG Innotek has been able to receive the certification for two years in a row for having zero quality defects in 2020 and 2021, said the company.

“The company will make efforts to innovate customer experience in the field of next-generation automotive components, by leveraging its quality control system and technologies in vehicle sensors, cameras, communication modules,” said Yoo Byaeng-kuk, head of automotive components and electronics business unit at LG Innotek.