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Dongsuh Foods expands Kanu marketing for summer season

Aug. 10, 2022 - 14:43 By Lee Seung-ku
Models promote Dongsuh Foods Corp.’s new promotional event. (Dongsuh Foods)
Dongsuh Foods Corp. has been incorporating new marketing strategies and diversifying its brewed coffee lineup to cater to diverse customers.

The instant coffee giant said Tuesday it has launched a new promotional event called “Maxim Kanu Paddle Point,” starting July 30.

Customers can earn points which can be cashed in for travel and picnic merchandise by purchasing select Maxim Kanu products. The event will last for two months.

Meanwhile, Dongsuh Foods released its “Kanu Light Roast Americano” coffee earlier this year as the latest addition to its brewed coffee lineup. The company said the new product would cater to coffee drinkers who prefer lighter and less bitter coffees.

The beverage company also released two new latte products late last year in similar efforts to target customers with different tastes.

Dongsuh Foods first came out with three-in-one -- coffee, sugar and powdered cream -- mix sticks in 1976, moving coffee into the home and office.

Maxim Kanu is Dongsuh Foods’ instant brewed coffee brand, ambitiously launched in 2011 amid growing demand for high quality instant coffees.

“Maxim Kanu is an instant brewed coffee made from Dongsuh’s own technology in order to allow customers to enjoy high quality coffee anywhere and anytime without having to go to a cafe,” said Ok Ji-sung, marketing manager at Dongsuh Foods.

“We will continue to release diverse products to give consumers a more abundant coffee experience.”

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