Heavy rain advisories issued in much of capital area, northern Gangwon Province
Published : Aug 8, 2022 - 10:18
Updated : Aug 8, 2022 - 10:18
People holding umbrellas walk in the rain near City Hall in Seoul on Ju;y 13. (Yonhap)

Heavy rain advisories have been issued in much of the capital area, including all of Seoul, and northern parts of Gangwon Province, the weather agency said Monday.

The Korea Meteorological Administration issued heavy rain watches earlier in the morning across the capital and Incheon as well as northern parts of Gyeonggi Province that surrounds Seoul and northern Gangwon Province.

Such advisories are issued when precipitation is predicted to surpass 60 millimeters in a span of three hours or 110 mm in 12 hours.

The weather agency said the country's central regions and northern Gyeonggi Province are forecast to receive downpours combined with strong winds, thunder and lightning as a clash of cold and warm air masses produces a stationary front.

Precipitation for the capital area, parts of Gangwon Province and border islands in the Yellow Sea through Tuesday is predicted to reach up to 200 mm, with some areas forecast to see over 300 mm of rain, the agency said. (Yonhap)