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S. Korean customs control goes online

July 28, 2022 - 14:10 By Lee Seung-ku
Capture images of the Customs Service‘s new app. (Korea Customs Service)
South Korea’s customs office said Thursday it will launch an online customs declaration platform and an automated customs examination service at Korea‘s major international airports, beginning in August.

Travelers entering Korea through Gimpo Airport and Incheon Airport Terminal 2 can now declare designated items through an online app. So far, travelers have been required to fill out a paper form on the plane before landing.

The app allows travelers to input personal data by scanning their passports using a smartphone camera while also calculating how much each item may be taxed.

The app then produces a QR code which can be scanned upon arrival at the airports’ automated customs controls. Travelers bringing in items that exceed the tax exemption range of $600 will then be informed on how to pay the appropriate amount. This new system will significantly streamline the customs declaration process and improve travelers’ comfort, the Korea Customs Service said.

The agency plans to update the app by the end of this year to include a feature that sends online payment notifications to frequent users, allowing them to pay after leaving the airport.

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