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[팟캐스트] (466) 세계보건기구, 원숭이두창 비상사태 선포 / 소주, 다양한 형태와 가격으로 돌아오다

July 28, 2022 - 07:01 By Korea Herald


진행자: 간형우, Brolley Genster 

1. WHO triggers highest alert on monkeypox

[1] GENEVA -- The World Health Organization on Saturday declared the monkeypox outbreak, which has affected nearly 17,000 people in 74 countries, to be a global health emergency -- the highest alarm it can sound.

*declare: 선언하다
*monkeypox: 원숭이두창
*affect: 영향을 미치다
*nearly: 거의

[2] "I have decided that the global monkeypox outbreak represents a public health emergency of international concern," WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said at a press conference.

*concern: 우려
*chief: 최고위자인

[3] He said a committee of experts who met on Thursday was unable to reach a consensus, so it fell to him to decide whether to trigger the highest alert possible.

*committee: 위원회
*unable: ~할 수 없는
*consensus: 합의, 의견 일치

*trigger: 방아쇠, 촉발시키다, 작동시키다

[4] "WHO's assessment is that the risk of monkeypox is moderate globally and in all regions, except in the European region where we assess the risk as high," he added.

*risk: 위험
*moderate: 보통의
*assess: 재다, 평가하다

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2. Soju comes back stronger, pricier

[1] With rapper Jay Park‘s recently-launched Won Soju becoming a phenomenal hit, soju is getting a premium makeover.

*recently: 최근에
*launch: 시작하다, 개시하다
*phenomenal: 경이적인
*makeover: 단장, 변신, 변모

[2] For long, the Vodka-like liquor has been loved for its accessibility (a bottle costs just about $1) and versatility (think of the boilermaker known as somaek or all the other variations,) but the latest renditions are for more special, aiming to create a new sub-genre of soju.

*accessibility: 접근성
*versatility: 다양성
*boilermaker: 보일러 만드는 사람, 폭탄주
*rendition: 연주, 주법

[3] Questions remain whether the premium versions will be more than a passing fad, winning over the hearts of soju lovers who are accustomed to cheap green bottles.

*fad: 유행
*accustomed: 익숙한

[4] Reporters and editors at The Korea Herald tried four different types of premium soju you can get from convenience stores to find out their pros and cons.

*convenience store: 편의점
*pros and cons: 장단점

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