Daewoo E&C develops property technology for work efficiency, customer satisfaction
Published : Jul 25, 2022 - 17:01
Updated : Jul 25, 2022 - 17:01
Daewoo E&C’s Meta Gallery provides a realistic experience for consumers visiting a model house (Daewoo E&C)
South Korean company Daewoo Engineering & Construction will apply property technology it has developed to its construction procedures to optimize work efficiency and customer satisfaction, according to the company on Monday.

Property technology is currently recognized as a game changer in the real estate market, utilizing the latest technologies such as big data, artificial intelligence and virtual reality to carry out real estate-related work more efficiently.

Daewoo E&C’s property technology services include the AI data analysis system “BaroDAP,” which analyzes bid invitation structure and data to categorize its content. This allows for an easier search of documents, resulting in a quicker realization of the clients’ needs.

Also, for the first time in South Korea, the company applied Building Information Modeling and 3D game engine Unity to its cyber model house, “Meta Gallery.”

BIM technology, which uses 3D modeling to carry out construction procedures, offers a never-before-seen virtual reality space that provides a realistic experience for consumers visiting the model house.

Daewoo E&C has also developed the Daewoo-Real Estate Information System. The system uses the Geographic Information System, which displays data related to positions on Earth‘s surface, to intuitively display market prices, subscription information and real estate policies on maps. With the usage of this system, the sale price of a business site can now be calculated with a simple few clicks.

“The property technology industry is expanding and becoming essential to construction and real estate industries. Daewoo E&C will actively utilize its experience with big data, AI, and VR technologies to become a leader in the real estate industry,” said a Daewoo E&C official.

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