Xdinary Heroes say ‘Hello, World!’ with first EP
Published : Jul 20, 2022 - 14:39
Updated : Jul 20, 2022 - 17:49

Rookie rock band Xdinary Heroes pose during a press conference for their first EP, “Hello, World!” in Seoul on Wednesday. (JYP Entertainment)

As temperatures begin to soar, rookie rock band Xdinary Heroes released its first EP, titled “Hello, World!” on Wednesday evening, adding a sweet ode to the season with the new album.

This marks the band’s return eight months after it last dropped its debut single, “Happy Death Day,” in December last year.

The rookie rock band under JYP Entertainment’s artist label Studio J is just the agency’s second pop-rock band to debut in nearly six years, following Day6.

The six-piece act’s name is short for “Extraordinary Heroes.” And as the name suggests, the band’s main phrase is “We Are All Heroes,” aiming to show and convey various sounds to fans in and out of the country, O.de said.

Under the motto that everyone in this world can be a hero, Xdinary Heroes aims to put out songs and words about those who have dreams and talk about stories of heroes in people’s daily lives.

Hoping to show that Xdinary Heroes is a band composed of ordinary guys in their 20s who can become heroes because of their passion for music, this time the six bandmates -- Gun-il, Jung-su, O.de, Gaon, Jun-han, Joo-yeon -- have listed themselves as lyricists and composers on the EP. 

Leading the six-track package is “Test Me,” which is played in semitone interwoven with fast, frenzied beats composed by keyboardists Jung-su and O.de and guitarist Jun-han.

Apart from the upbeat melody, the words to the song convey a message about defiance and having the courage to say “no” to a conformist society where everything is supposed to be “ordinary,” said Jun-han, who composed the track. Jung-su added that the band’s performance also features drums, a keyboard, guitar and bass, which is what fans and music listeners should look forward to.

Gushing about the titular track, Joo-yeon said: “‘Test Me’ is a song that shows what colors Xdinary Heroes have among many others in their palette.”

Other tracks that round out the album are “Knock Down,” “Sucker Punch!,” “Strawberry Cake” and “Pirates.” 

Rookie rock band Xdinary Heroes pose during a press conference for their first EP, “Hello, World!” in Seoul on Wednesday. (JYP Entertainment)

“It’s an album full of choices in terms of what to listen to,” O.de said.

“Hello, World!” marks the first page of the band’s universe.

If the sextet’s debut single “Happy Death Day” described a situation of facing something unfamiliar on one’s happiest and most celebrated day, the new EP drifts away from the cryptic ambiance and opts for taking a leap of faith.

Speaking about the band’s universe, Joo-yeon said the band hopes to show and convey its energy on stage and in its music.

“It’s how we transform into heroes with music,” he added.

The title of the new EP comes from the term for sample programs designed to familiarize users with a new programming language. In line with that, the six bandmates enter a new, unknown space, and the album talks about how they gather together.

At the end of the event, leader Gun-il expressed hopes that Xdinary Heroes’ music will be able to land well with rock aficionados and music listeners.

“We’re rookies and still have a long way to go. But with our new album, we want to solidify our musicality as a rock band with various musical traits and colors, and promote ourselves to those new to us.”

The six-track package hit global music platforms on Wednesday at 6 p.m.

By Park Jun-hee (junheee@heraldcorp.com)