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Kang Ji-young reveals teaser image for her new single ‘Lucid Dream’

July 4, 2022 - 17:23 By Lee Yoon-Seo
The teaser image for Kang Ji-young’s new single shows stills from the ‘Lucid Dream’ music video. (Unda)
The teaser image for singer and actress Kang Ji-young‘s new single, “Lucid Dream,” was released on Monday.

Kang, who co-wrote the lyrics of the melodic blues-inspired song about missing a loved one, expressed excitement about her first release in four years.

She also launched the YouTube channel “My Name is Jiyoung Kang ” last Tuesday and released a video about her new single.

“Lucid Dream” is a collaborative project between Kang and Unda, a shampoo brand for which she is a model.

The single is scheduled to be released on Unda‘s official Instagram account, Kang’s YouTube account and the music platform Melon at 6 p.m. on Thursday.