Yoon's disapproval rating exceeds approval rating in latest poll
Published : Jul 3, 2022 - 21:16
Updated : Jul 3, 2022 - 21:16
President Yoon Suk-yeol (Yonhap)

President Yoon Suk-yeol's disapproval rating surpassed his approval rating in a poll released Sunday.

The survey by Research View, conducted on 1,000 South Koreans aged 18 or over from last Tuesday to Thursday, was the latest in a series of national polls, in which those giving a negative assessment of Yoon's performance outnumbered those who were bullish on the president.

This poll was conducted while Yoon was visiting Spain for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) summit, his first overseas trip since taking office in May.

According to Research View, 51 percent of the polled said Yoon has been doing an inadequate job as president, while 45 percent said he is handling state affairs well.

The survey had a margin of error of plus or minus 3.1 percentage points.

In Research View's previous poll on Yoon from May 28-30, Yoon had a 53 percent approval rating, with only 40 percent giving a negative performance review on the new president.

Among different age brackets, 61 percent of those in their 50s disapproved of Yoon's performance, a jump of 22 percentage points from the May survey.

For those identifying as moderates, 58 percent gave a negative performance review, up from 37 percent in the previous poll.

Previously, in a Realmeter survey from June 20-24, the disapproval rating for Yoon came out to 47.7 percent, 1.1 percentage points higher than the approval rating. A poll by the Korea Society Opinion Institute, conducted on June 24 and 25, showed the disapproval rating at 47.4 percent, compared with an approval rating of 46.8 percent. (Yonhap)