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[Best Brand] Starbucks Korea recognized for offering equal job opportunities

June 27, 2022 - 15:37 By Korea Herald
In this 2021 photo, Starbucks Korea officials celebrate the 12th “Talent Donation Cafe,“ a community service program that provides educational sessions to disadvantaged groups and renovation ideas for old cafes. (Starbucks Korea)
Starbucks Korea has been bolstering its efforts in creating equal job opportunities and giving back to society.

The coffee chain, with over 20,000 employees across over 1,600 locations nationwide, has been recognized by the government for providing equal employment opportunities to disadvantaged groups.

The Korea Employment Agency for Persons with Disabilities chose Starbucks Korea as an “excellent case” of having incorporated the disabled into its workforce. As of June 2022, Starbucks has the highest proportion of disabled workers, at 4 percent of its workforce. Of some 800 employees with disabilities, at least 50 are at managerial level.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family recognized Starbucks Korea as a ”family-friendly corporation“ for its program that helps women return to the workforce after childbirth. A total of 172 mothers returned to Starbucks Korea in the past 10 years.

Pursuing “coexistence” with the local communities is also crucial, the company said, adding that it has been participating in community service programs.

To help raise local employment rates, the company has been providing support to local businesspeople aged over 40 and unemployed young adults, in cooperation with Ministry of SMEs and Startups and Ministry of Labor. It also hosts separate barista and service education for disadvantaged groups, teenagers, women, and multicultural families who seek to enter the industry.

Starbucks Korea has also opened three community stores in Seoul. Three hundred won ($0.23) from each product purchased at these stores are donated to support university students, local entrepreneurs and the disabled.