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[Best Brand] Coway’s Icon Water Purifier 2 attracts with innovative features

June 27, 2022 - 15:42 By Korea Herald
Coway’s Icon Water Purifier 2 draws attention with its innovative qualities. (Coway)
The second edition of South Korean furniture and home appliance brand Coway’s Icon Water Purifier is garnering attention with its innovative characteristics.

Launched June 2, the product features artificial intelligence technology that autonomously diagnoses the operation status of the water purifier, according to the company.

In addition, the user can use its mobile app to not only analyze the condition of the product, but also control it remotely. It has obtained the AI+ artificial intelligence quality certification from the Korea Standards Association for its advanced technologies.

Its dramatically upgraded hygiene management also adds to its strength, according to the company. The product undergoes ultraviolet sterilization every six hours for 15 minutes, with the faucets replaced annually. The faucets are also made out of Tritan, an eco-friendly material considered safe even for newborns for its lack of environmental hormones and corrosion.

Moreover, the new product has achieved higher cooling efficiency by applying the company’s second-generation electronic cooling system. The upgraded cooling system is not only more efficient, but also eco-friendlier than its predecessor, as it uses semiconductor thermoelectric devices to absorb ambient heat instead of compressors and refrigerants.

“Icon Water Purifier 2 is a product that contains all the innovations imaginable, from its slim design, quality hygiene and ultrahigh-temperature water. It will be a good alternative for customers who want to experience a special kitchen life,” said an official from Coway.