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LG Energy Solution shares through eco-friendly projects

June 14, 2022 - 09:47 By Kim So-hyun
An engineer at LG Energy Solution shows batteries at the company‘s plant in Ochang, North Gyeongsang Province, in this file photo. (LG Energy Solution)
LG Energy Solution has continued to use its eco-friendly projects to enact positive social change.

In late 2020, the company completed the construction of its 410-kilowatt solar power plant in Cheongju, North Chungcheong Province. The profit from this plant is expected to be 40 million won ($31,000), which the company plans to donate to underprivileged people in the region

LG Energy Solution’s team of volunteers at its Ochang plant run a Twin Angel Fund to help those in financial need. Since 2005, the fund has sponsored 122 children from low-income households through ChildFund Korea.

In addition to financial support, the company invites children to cultural performances, factory tours and also makes kimchi for them in the winter.

Since 2019, when LG Energy Solution became part of LG Chem’s battery business division, the company has been working with partners on ways to find mutual growth.

The electric vehicle battery maker recently set up a mutually beneficial cell-pack team that supports partner firms’ efforts to enhance productivity, cut logistics costs and develop new technologies.

In 2020, LG Energy Solution created a 150 billion-won fund to offer financial aid such as preferential interest rates for small and medium-sized companies. It also supports partner firms’ efforts to improve their manufacturing process and strengthen quality control.

The company also runs a “share growth academy” twice a year where its top technical experts offer their expertise to partners through a systematic curriculum.

In November, LG Energy Solution signed a deal with 10 institutions including the Incheon Port Authority, the Incheon Metropolitan City and the Korea Electric Power Corp. to supply solar power and scholarships to island regions.

Under the deal, the company plans to build a 60-kilowatt solar power generator and 312-kilowatt-hour energy storage system in the Deokjeok elementary, middle and high school on the island of Deokjeokdo in Incheon’s Ongjin County.

Profits earned from the eco-friendly energy generation will be used to offer scholarships.

LG Energy Solution also helps those working in their overseas operations by helping its staff in US, China and Poland pay for college tuition, holding vehicle battery contests for college students in China, and supporting women’s sports teams. 

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