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Dongsuh Foods gives back to society through literary awards and more

May 26, 2022 - 14:38 By Kim So-hyun
Players are seen at Dongsuh Foods’ Maxim Coffee-sponsored professional Go championship. (Dongsuh Foods)
Dongsuh Foods Corp. has sought to give back to society by holding literary contests, professional Go championships, and donating books to elementary school libraries.

For the past three decades, the instant coffee giant has discovered thousands of female literary talents through its biennial contest. Some 240,000 pieces of literary work have been submitted to the Dongsuh Literary Awards, and about 6,000 writers have been awarded. Some 18,000 pieces were received for the 15th Dongsuh Literary Awards, making it the largest award given to new women writers in Korea. The deadline for the next contest is Oct. 4. Poems, novels, essays and children’s literature (stories and poems) are accepted.

Dongsuh Foods’ Maxim Coffee-sponsored professional Go championship is open to only players of 9-dan, the highest rank for professional Go players. First held in 1999, the championship offers prize money of 50 million won ($39,000) to the top winner, and 20 million won to the second place winner.

The beverage company has also donated books and educational equipment to elementary school libraries, and renovated them since 2017.

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